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Why Choose Us?

When winter arrives, having a reliable snow removal plan becomes crucial.

At B&M Lawn and Snow Removal Services we offer comprehensive snow removal services to keep your driveway, garage doors, and sidewalks clear, safe, and easily accessible throughout the winter season.

Our dedicated team is always prepared to take immediate action as soon as snowfall reaches a minimum of 1 inch or when blowing snow becomes a concern. We operate on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure prompt and efficient snow removal, ensuring that your property remains accessible and safe.

We save you time and effort during the winter months.

For daytime accumulations of 2 inches or less, we consider it passable snow and will plow your property the following morning. This allows your property to be cleared and ready for use during the day.

Our snow removal service includes clearing your driveway, sidewalks, shoveling in front of your garage doors, ensuring the sidewalk up to your main house door is free from snow, We offer other flexible snow removal options tailored to your specific needs so you can trust us to promptly clear the snow.

We are dedicated to safety and ensuring your outdoor spaces are clear.

While our snow removal service aims to create safe and accessible areas, we work diligently to minimize icy or slippery conditions. Contact us today to schedule our reliable snow removal service for your Fargo-Moorhead-Dilworth area and experience the convenience and safety that B&M Lawn and Snow Services can provide.

Let our dedicated team handle the snow clearing, saving you time and ensuring the safety of your property throughout the winter season.